Briefing of saznaf eco international

saznaf eco international is a business in transition. New and innovative business models are in motion to make the most of emerging opportunities. A new drive for growth today permeates every mind-set, process and techno-innovation SA. At saznaf eco international, we are looking at new ways of thinking, new ways of working and new ways to touch people’s lives.

saznaf eco international is a professionally managed company for textile & industrial chemicals, equipment and ETP technology, pharmaceutical raw materials, plastic resin, Printing Factories engaged in indenting, import, locally supplying, strategic sourcing & consultancy. To identify the needs of our customers and align those with reputed international sources/services with desired products in Bangladesh and international markets will remain our key objective.

saznaf eco international provides focused customer services through professional way for standard quality product sourcing solutions, thereby creating value and sustained growth opportunities for our esteemed customers. We take pleasure in working collaboratively with all our associates and believe in long term strong business relationships.

We offer our clients reliable sources for: Basic & Auxiliary chemicals and Active Pharmaceuticals Ingredients (API), Plastic Resin, Equipment & Machineries, and ETP & WTP, RO set up. Our sources/services have been checked for their delivery capabilities, liability and quality. On case by case basis, we are also willing to assist in creating MOU with suppliers. With close proximity to the market, we can average our strengths to effectively promote our principal’s products and services.

saznaf eco international is looking forward to engaging into long term mutable beneficial business associations with our clients.


Our Activities:

  • Textile Basic & Auxiliary with ETP, WTP, RO chemicals.
  • Boiler & Cooling Tower water treatment chemicals.

Technology Services:

ETP & WTP, STP, RO, Zero discharge plant setup with Existing ETP chemical costing minimization services.